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Looking For A Humana Military Specialty Physician?

We Can Help.

HeroCare Connect™ is a one-call no cost specialty care coordination service for current and former military service members and their families.

Our team will help you find the best specialists in the Humana Military network at a location convenient to you. In addition to helping you find a trusted provider, we also coordinate with Humana Military to get you:
  • Expedited appointments
  • Medical record transfers to your providers
  • Authorization and referrals as required
  • Transportation to medical appointments as needed
This service is offered by Deborah Heart and Lung Center and Cooper University Health Care to patients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and includes these benefits:
  • Fewer calls
  • Less paperwork
  • Quicker appointments
  • Lower stress
  • No added cost

Call 1-866-943-7622 or complete the request appointment form to get started.